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full name tiffany elika zrihen birthdate + age january 3, 1994 & 22 place of birth hana, maui currently philadelphia, pa
facts • Born to a Moroccan-Lebanese father and a cheese-on-apple-pie American mother, Tiffany and her twin brother Eric lived the typical Hawaiian cliche on Maui. They walked everywhere, lived at the beach, and learned to appreciate Spam as a kind of delicacy.

• After the death of her father and her mother's increasing difficulty with finding jobs, the family relocated to Nashville to stay with her maternal grandmother as a means of lightening her mom's load. However, given the tendency of her grandmother, the arrangement was short lived and Tif's mom worked doubles just to keep her and her children in an apartment of their own.

• Her mother eventually remarried, adding both a stepfather and stepbrother to their family. Then later a little sister.

• Tif is a painfully private person that struggles to open up to even her own mother and brother. Most of the time she feels it's her obligation to keep things under wraps as to not bother anyone else with things they really don't need to be worrying about. Especially since Tif does prefer to be the one taking care of others, not having others taking care of her.

• Maternal despite her personality's lean towards masculinity. Patience, tolerance, and empathy are things that come easily to her when dealing with anyone but herself.

• If worrying and stressing were Olympic sports Tif would, hands down, be the reigning champion in both categories. While she manages to maintain a good front, thanks to her obsession with privacy, she still suffers the other obvious signs of stress like insomnia, dramatic weigh fluctuation, appetite decreases and increases, and the occasional flare-up of unkempt hair teased into insanity by needling fingers.

• More TBD.