2000 the asian-american actress everyone is talking about Lately everyone has been talking about Hana Song and we love it! Still new to the scene, Asian-American Hana Song is quickly establishing herself as something of a

sex symbol

. But she's far more than her looks. This gorgeous woman is a MIT graduate, active volunteer, and a dedicated mother of one.

2002 did hana song have an affair with a ghost Actress Hana Song has been in a dedicated relationship with model Michiel Bogaert for seven years now, the couple even have a daughter together, but it seems she's been taking up otherworldly lovers. "I don't know where it came from or even why but there was this definite weight in the bed next me and I just got cold all over," recalls the actress, who explains that she's always believed in ghosts despite having not previously encountered one. "It was intense, this ghost definitely knew what he was doing. I orgasmed two or three times before he vanished."

2004 why hana song is important Asian-American representation in media is appallingly low, marked only by a long string of yellowface and racist stereotypes. Worse yet, however, is the expectation that these actors and actresses forced to portray the white perspective on film will be the same in their real lives. In comes Hana Song. Wild, outspoken, ethereal and, honestly,

a little bit weird

, Hana Song has routinely defied whatever views the world has tried to put on her by simply being her most honest and genuine self.

2006 a look at all of hana song's feuds Unafraid of a little confrontation and never one to keep quiet, actress Hana Song has certainly found herself in the middle of feuds with costars, directors, and strangers alike. Let's take a look at all 16 of her most publicized battles starting with Bill Murray.

2013 hana song has a famous brother and none of us knew "I hate him." She looks serious, maintaining her rigid posture and slight frown. I start to worry that, it's true, Hana Song really does hate her brother and that this might be the most awkward interview of my whole career. But then, thankfully, she laughs. "I don't, not really. But when we were younger I couldn't stand him and, I think, he couldn't stand me. That's probably why he left for Korea after I started to get jobs here. It's great though." She now motions to the bookshelf where I just now notice the collection of his work. "He's doing great things over there, I'm so proud."

2015 brawl in belgium with hana song and local A drunken man in Mechelen, Belgium reportedly shouted racist and sexist insults at Hana Song and her family. Onlookers say that the actress had been quite heated but was able to keep her distance despite, it wasn't until the man made vulgar comments about her daughters did she then charge at him from across the street. The two fought just long enough for Hana Song to

break his nose

before being pulled away by her friend.

2016 actor praises costar hana song: 'she's an actual inspiration' "Her generosity and warmth is the first thing I think of. First time we met she immediately hugged me like we were old friends and later had food delivered for every single person there. She's so talented, though. I really feel that I was able to not only appreciate what she was bringing to the table but I learned a lot."

2019 is hana song hosting a secret b&b for the elite Sources say that Hana Song has been opening her doors to celebrities from all around the world, offering them a place to hide out and recharge their batteries. Though the actress apparently doesn't have a set schedule for her generosity. Rather than sharing a calendar or making reservations for her would-be guests, Song is said to instead send out some kind of signal when the mood strikes her.

2019 blind item This celebrity couple has been together for a long time and everyone wants to know their secret! True love? Amazing sex? Familial obligation? It's not what you'd expect. Turns out this couple is part of an exclusive swingers club and like the enjoy their open relationship to the fullest extent and have already made their mark with many of the world's favorite names.
1988 turns out the gorgeous german in die hard isn't german at all Karl Vreski, the unexpected terrorist heartthrob, was in fact played by Belgian model Michiel Bogaert. Shocked? So were we until we learned that Belgium is, in fact, a close neighbor to Germany and that Bogaert grew up near the German-speaking community of Kelmis, which gave him his first introduction to the language.

1991 why michiel bogaert isn't interested in hollywood After the success of Die Hard and given at least the warm response to his physical attractiveness, it's some wonder that Michiel Bogaert didn't go one to pursue a career in Hollywood. Though, according to the actor, he never felt that he had much worth in American households and, furthermore, wasn't interested in playing into any European stereotype.

1997 michiel bogaert's response to daughter's birth will warm your heart Neighbors of the model were surprised to find flowers on their doorsteps with a card that announced Michiel Bogaert's daughter, who the couple have named Tiffany, birth as well as an invitation to the couple's temporary home for a celebration.

1998 lina sofia's brother, model michiel bogaert, jokes that she's building an army "She's already pregnant with her eight child so it's easy to suspect that she's trying to birth her own army," says the contented father of one. "Give it another ten years and they'll all be marching across Europe to build an empire just for her. Not that she wouldn't deserve it, mind you."

2000 why aren't michiel bogaert and hana song marrying "We're happy," the model states while looking through a small photo album. "This are comfortable. I'm happy, she's happy, and, most importantly, our daughter is happy. There's no need to force a marriage onto this situation. It's just not for us. Especially not for Hana." He laughs. "I don't think she'd like doing things the 'normal' way and that's fine with me."

2014 meet the world's first male supermodel The 61-year-old Belgian, once hailed as the world’s first male supermodel by the Sunday Times, insists that it's all been about luck. "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time." Bogaert recalls the road trip he'd taken with friends that landed him in England and pulled him out of his small town life. "I barely spoke English, I was very nervous and thought maybe it was a scam. I thought that if I said 'yes' my family would be getting a very sad call soon after. But my friends convinced me it was okay." And we're glad they did!

2016 tiffany bogaert arrives to cesar awards with her father Tiffany Bogaert, who had been nominated Most Promising Actress for her role in the biographical French film La Danseuse, showed up with her father, Michiel Bogaert, on her arm. The actress wore a

stunning gown

from Chanel, which was complimented beautifully by her father's ornately accented suit. On her daughter's decision to break out into acting, Michiel said, "It was only a matter of time. She's is her mother's twin really so I think deep down I always knew she would want to do the same things."

2018 belgian model michiel bogaert posted this selfie and the internet is in love Age is nothing but a number and this silver fox as proven it. Michiel Bogaert, model and father of Tiffany Bogaert, posted

this shirtless selfie

to his, frankly underused, instagram and has proven why he's still modeling at 63.